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Wall Led Display

Indoor LED Video Walls are widely used in weddings, meeting rooms, events, airport, school & colleges events, indoor live events and many other places. We bring to you Indoor LED Video Walls that are based on advanced technology, and as such deliver excellent picture quality. Our Indoor LED Display Screens are crafted to perfection. Be it their ergonomics, performance, picture quality or pricing, the indoor LED Video Walls supplied by us, are the best in their class. These Indoor LED Video Walls are light weight and easy to install and dismantle, which further gives them an edge over other such Display Screens in the market.


    The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, Bus Stops & Railway Stations for Advertising Purpose, Live Outdoor Events and many other places. Our engineers have designed Outdoor LED Video Walls for excellent picture quality. You will be amazed by the degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution that our Outdoor LED Video Walls feature.  Besides, amazing picture quality, our Outdoor Led Screens are extremely power efficient. All these factors have lined us up among the leading LED Display Screen Suppliers. On top of that, no other Outdoor Led Display Screen Supplier offers such advanced display units at the prices that we do.



    Domain Names – Traditional and Contemporary gTLDs

    The Internet has finally begun its largest expansion to date. Registering a domain name could cost a buyer anything ranging a few hundred rupees to Rs 50,000 or even more depending on the extension and the nature and category of the particular domain name. In today's digital sphere, Domain names are more than merely addresses of Website, it signifies for any organization or entity their imprint of Online Brand image. For any start-ups or SMEs, acquiring relevant Domain name is first priority – registering or choosing right Domain name might be their first step towards the ladder of success & growth. Traditional Domain names like, commonly abbreviated as Traditional gTLDs — .com, .org, .net, and even country-specific domains like .in (for India), are most widely accepted and trendy extensions among Domain Name Registration. Even the new set of gTLDs have been introduced to make the competition more stimulating and fascinating with extensions like lawyer, attorney, dentist, engineer, autos, motorcycles to corporate specific likes Airtel, Bharti and infosys.


OM-SOFT-TECH – As Cohesive Unit

We, at OM-SOFT-TECH, have transfigured the industry by making domain names registration and websites affordable to anyone. As a cohort, our primary objective is to provide Industry oriented Domain Registration that creates value for business. We, as a committed Digital Branding firm, understands your business as well as the mindset of an end-user, delivers end to end Industry benchmark solutions. Contact us and we will abet you flourish on each and every facet of the Web.

Domain registration in India may seem cumbersome to you. At OM, we try to make it as simple as possible. Domain names have to be paid for annually. The sum paid to the registration authority is very affordable. Sometimes, renewal fees will be less than the initial registration fee.

One thing to keep in mind during domain registration is to make sure that your name is registered as the owner of the domain you purchase. Some unscrupulous web hosts are known to put their own names in the place of the website owner, and later charge exorbitant fees to allow the actual buyer to continue using the name. Therefore, it is best to choose a reliable service for this purpose. We at OM-SOFT-TECH's offer smooth services, exactly according to your wishes, and without any undesired intervention whatsoever.

Domain registration should ideally be done as soon as possible after settling on a domain name. This is because domain names become unavailable very easily. To register a domain name, apply for your desired domain name to a well-known website registrar. We can do this on your behalf, by setting up a temporary website to secure the domain name, even before all the aspects of the website are ready.

All that is required to complete Domain Registration formalities in India is a credit card or PayPal account, and the ability to select an accurate domain name. So it is best to apply for the domain name of one’s choice as soon as possible, before anyone else manages to do so.


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